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Due to an injury, Dr. Turrentine is not offering these services.
Medical Legal Review and Consultation
Dr. Turrentine charges $350.00 per hour for review of legal cases and $500.00 per hour for depositions and/or court time. Attorneys are to call 706 218-4096. If no answer, please leave message.
Medical Missions for Medical Students

Dr. Turrentine’s experience traveling to third world countries include over 30 years of medical, surgical, anesthetic, and dental services. He now offers electives to medical students in Mission Medicine. It is an excellent opportunity to learn primary and tropical medicine in a real life setting. Two to six week courses can be set up with your medical school by contacting your administration. Call 706 218-4096 to find out when and where the next trip is scheduled. Dr. Turrentine will provide a letter for your medical school regarding the curriculum. This is “hands-on” experience and you are expected to have stamina and be in excellent physical condition to accompany Dr. Turrentine on these missions. The trips are limited to only two medical students at a time.

Scuba Services

Dr. Turrentine will arrange a dive trip for you or your group. Specialty instruction is available in Stress & Rescue, Helidiving, Ice Diving, and DPV. This might even include Dr. Turrentine flying a seaplane with a small group to remote diving spots. Dr. Turrentine’s charges depend on the dive location, hotel, and airline cost. See Dr. Turrentine’s diving and aviation credentials. Advanced divers are requested. Please call 706 218-4096. If no answer, please leave message.

Preceptor For Physicians

Dr. Turrentine will travel to your office or hospital to teach you MIVH or any other minimally invasive surgical procedure. Please contact your Johnson & Johnson Endo Ethicon Surgery, Inc. representative. The surgical representative will arrange Dr. Turrentine’s travel and visit to your hospital operating room.

Instructor for Physicians

Dr. Turrentine will arrange private tutoring for any physician wanting to pass the OB/GYN specialty board. It is recommended that you purchase Dr. Turrentine’s book, Clinical Protocols in Obstetrics and Gynecology-3rd Edition prior to arranging a visit. If oral boards are planned, it is recommended that Dr. Turrentine’s book, Surgical Transcriptions and Pearls in Obstetrics and Gynecology-2nd Edition also be purchased. To arrange a visit, call 706 218-4096. If no answer, please leave message. Costs depend on travel, board, and length of sessions desired.


Dr. Turrentine can provide ministerial services such as; perform weddings, funerals, baptisms, invocations and new office or house blessings.

Personal Training

Dr. Turrentine has over 45 years experience in running, biking, weight lifting, swimming, mountain/rock climbing, and other forms of exercise. His interests include personal training, Harmonic Medicine and Ultra Sound for recovery of sports related injuries. To schedule sessions, please call 706 218-4096 and leave message.

History Instruction

Dr. Turrentine, having earned a PhD in History, provides schools, colleges, universities, and civic clubs the opportunity to bring history alive. He dramatizes characters such as Paul Revere, Robert E. Lee, Elijah Clarke and others.

History Instruction 2

More photos and details on Dr. Turrentine's various historical characters

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